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living you?

let’s explore simple, timeless principles, that pave the way to
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You’re very intelligent and creative but stuck under an overwhelming pile of the necessary.
But you haven’t taken a moment for yourself to stop, breathe and reflect on who you are or what you actually want.
You crave abundance, satisfaction, and momentum.
When you get to help others your heart beats a little faster .


There is a battle going on and you’re on the forefront of it, fighting to keep control over your own life… and you know what?
You’re going to win.


That’s where I can help.

I’m Dani

I left my home country of Canada and ran away with an (exotic) German man – who has turned out to be a pretty fantastic husband. Together, we have 4 very lively children (eight and under). I know firsthand what it’s like to be wading through the muck of life trying to find clarity and focus.

For years I’ve rebelled against structures, healthy habits, goals (I still cringe at writing those words).

Simply put, ignoring these things won’t work!



I’m Dani.

Canadian born, living in Germany, with my very German husband and four rambunctious kiddos.

When I’m not chasing after my 1 1/2 year old so he doesn’t run onto the road,
I’m running a loud homeschool, doing mundane but glorious household tasks, drinking coffee, reading, learning on Udemy and sleeping.


Are you a creative dreamer like me?


I have a firm faith that intertwines, and holds together everything I write here. With God, the impossible IS an option.

So join me on Live Lived Intentionally where we can think deeply, to dream big, to learn constantly, and to share generously!

So if you like that, we’re going to get along just fine.

We are going to learn to be proactive and look at the person as a whole. Here you will learn with me how to develop healthy life structures that bring freedom and passion to explore, and dive deep into our natural, creative potential.

Power Posing Away the Fear

  The joke has been said and the punch line delivered , and everyone is laughing except you. Have you ever felt out of place? When I moved to Germany, I of course felt like an outsider. The Canadian who couldn't speak the language, understand the jokes, or comprehend...

Fasting – Choosing Weakness out of Love (Part 2)

  Fasting - Choosing Weakness out of Love - Part 2 A Conversation with Rainer Harter from the Gebetshaus Freiburg Missed Part 1? Click here   [mks_separator style="dotted" height="2"] Part two of a three part series where we examine: Can fasting be done wrong? Can we...

4 Reasons Slow Breakfast Changed my Life

Many years ago, breakfast seemed to me like a necessary inconvenience. I would wake up, roll out of bed, and within 15 minutes be out of the house on my way to school, or work, or whatever appointment I had. Anyone else? Even on my days off, I never "enjoyed"...

Why I Gave up Netflix, and Why You Should Too

  When entertainment consumes Why I Gave up Netflix, and Why You Should Too   By: Dani   What if I told you that you were being robbed right now? No, there is (probably) no one down in your basement lurking around your camping equipment and Christmas decorations. Now...

Thank God it’s Friday!

  T G I F   The warm, luxurious smell of fresh bread is spreading through the house. The anticipation of it manifests, as our mouths start to water. This is no ordinary bread, and it's no ordinary day. It's Challah, a braided bread especially baked for the Shabbat.  ...

Fasting – Choosing Weakness out of Love (Part 1)

Fasting - Choosing Weakness out of Love - Part 1 A Conversation with Rainer Harter from the Gebetshaus Freiburg   [mks_separator style="dotted" height="2"] Part one of a three part series where we examine: What is fasting? Why we do it? What does a lifestyle of...

Lent: For Beginners

  I remember that as a kid, Easter always seemed to sneak up on me. Christmas, on the other hand, seemed to build up all year and explode into glorious celebration. The feelings of anticipation, expectation, and excitement that I had for Christmas burst forth in...

Fasting – Choosing Weakness out of Love (Part 3)

Fasting - Choosing Weakness out of Love - Part 3 A Conversation with Rainer Harter from the Gebetshaus Freiburg Missed Part 2? Click here   [mks_separator style="dotted" height="2"] In the last part of this series we examine: Fasting and eating disorders A lifestyle...

the day we killed god

  Good Friday - Easter Sunday - Easter Monday Growing up, those days all got mashed up together . I don't think I even consciously realized what day was actually "Easter". It's only been in the last decade that I realized that "Good Friday" wasn't actually good....

Your Lent Playlist

  I don't know about you, but music accompanies my everyday life. When I'm cleaning the house, washing the dishes, or reading a book. We have compiled a list of songs that have joined us through the last couple Lent seasons and are now sharing it with you! We hope it...

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